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Client charter


a-count-a-bility provides a reliable, honest and trustworthy service of the highest standards to all its business partners. It is also hoped that business partners will interact with a-count-a-bility respecting certain expectations.

The information below outlines the expected standards but feedback is appreciated if you feel that standards are not being met or could be improved.

Commitments to partners

  • Never promise what can't be delivered and always deliver what is promised. - This means that timescales will be set realistically and any limitations on the expertise available will be stated.
  • Communication will be in plain English wherever possible. If technical terms are unavoidable these will be explained as necessary.
  • Meetings will take place at a time and place to suit you. Cancellations will only be made in exceptional circumstances, agendas will be provided, and times adhered to.
  • Email and telephone messages will be responded to within 24 hours. An "out of office" message will be set to let you know of any delay where this will not be achieved.
  • An engagement letter will be provided and will include the expectations of work to be undertaken, deliverables, costs and terms of payment. Where estimates of costs are provided you will be kept informed of performance against this estimate to a frequency to be agreed in advance.
  • a-count-a-bility aims to be a sustainable business and therefore considers environmental, economic and social matters in its dealings with business partners. A full sustainability policy is available here.
  • All communication will be open, honest and respectful whilst respecting confidentiality when appropriate.
  • As a minimum, feedback will be sought through a Satisfaction Questionnaire at the end of the engagement.
  • a-count-a-bility is an ICAEW member firm and is governed by its rules and regulations.

Commitments requested of partners

  • Meeting times will be adhered to. Any request for a change will be made a minimum of 24 hours beforehand.
  • Feedback, both positive and negative, should be provided on a timely, honest and respectful basis a-count-a-bility is committed to a process of continuous improvement.
  • The engagement letter will be signed and information required to meet Money Laundering requirements provided prior to commencement of the engagement.
  • Payment terms will be adhered to.