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Case studies - business processes

It might look good now but what is coming round the corner

A company had plenty of cash in the bank but few financial controls operating and no regular reports to identify looming issues. All areas were reviewed and an action plan put in place. This included reconciling supplier statements within the financial records and substantial duplicate payments were prevented.

Efficiency drive: a holistic approach to driving efficiency and effectiveness across retail outlets

An operation with numerous retail outlets instigated a project to review its key processes and identify areas to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Amongst other things this included everything from how customers were greeted in shops, how product was stored and how transactions were processed. Recommendations were presented at Board level and decisions made about implementation which were supported by training and documentation.

Store roll out: training new branch managers to manage their profitability

A retail operation decided to pilot a new brand of 12 electrical stores in the NorthEast. As financial manager for the operation Caroline was involved in setting targets, agreeing reporting formats and training managers to understand how their activities in the shops impacted on financial results. All of the processes supporting these activities were documented to allow others to undertake them in the long term.