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Case studies - project accounting and control

Joining forces: how a-count-a-bility tracked integration costs and synergies

a-count-a-bility coordinated budget compilation for a large company integration and then set up monthly processes to consolidate costs incurred and a quarterly process for reforecasting. Synergy opportunities were then evaluated and a tracking process established to meet group reporting requirements.

Beyond the books: taking care of every detail during a company acquisition

a-count-a-bility was given responsibility for seamless purchase of small company as a result of a group level purchase. Consideration was given to everything from forwarding post, selling offices, redundancies, incorporating customers and suppliers onto new systems to finalising company accounts.

Project profitability planning: evaluating the qualitative and quantitative impacts of a relocation

a-count-a-bility evaluated options in respect of relocating a finance department. This involved financial considerations such as redundancy and relocation costs as well office refit and furniture removal items. Such decisions are never purely financial so a full business case considering qualitative matters such as experience to be lost, improved holiday cover, unemployment rates and business disruption was built.