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What has gardening got to do with finance and business management?


Growing a healthy business is a little like tending a garden - most of us learn by trial and experience. But expert help on a flexible basis can make a world of difference.

A garden can be treated simply as a plot of land that provides us with the basics or it can be turned into something that specifically meets our objectives. And if we don't know what those objectives are, how to achieve them or simply don't have the time to do it all ourselves then we might get in someone else to help us. Understanding what to plant in a specific type of soil might be something we don't understand or aren't interested in. We may not know what maintenance is required for the various plants or even have time to do it ...or the regular weeding and mowing. A gardener has the knowledge and experience.

As a business owner you know where your business is now but is it where you intended to be or where you still want to be? Could you be in the same place with less effort? Could you move forward to achieve more? A finance manager, such as that offered by a-count-a-bility, can help you plan the future of your business to meet your objectives. In the process the key performance indicators for your business will be identified and processes for the measurement and reporting will be established so you know what maintenance is required. If the basics are in place but you just need someone on a part time basis to do the work then a-count-a-bility can also help.

So whether you are facing a challenge with your garden or the management of the finances in your business maybe it's time to bring in an expert.