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Client case studies

Read examples of our case studies below...

Case studies: Outsourced finance management

Emergency management: why a Finance Controller's sudden sickness didn't cause a headache

Finance across geographies: evaluating and transforming profitability in a geographically disparate business

A rewarding job: re-orienting a commission structure to reflect both sales person and shareholder value

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Case studies: Forecasting, reporting and measurement

Cash in mind: a charity plans for a healthy cashflow

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Case studies: Project accounting and control

Joining forces: how a-count-a-bility tracked integration costs and synergies

Beyond the books: taking care of every detail during a company acquisition

Project profitability planning: evaluating the qualitative and quantitative impacts of a relocation

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Case studies: business processes

It might look good now but what is coming round the corner

Efficiency drive: a holistic approach to driving efficiency and effectiveness across retail outlets

Store roll out: training new branch managers to manage their profitability

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Case studies: sustain-a-bility

CSR in practice: expanding the integration of volunteering in a multi-national

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"Before Caroline we guessed at where our business was heading and how we would get there."