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What clients say about us

"On all assignments Caroline has been extremely diligent and committed. Her high level of organisational skills and persistence has made these projects successful."

Rob Hampson, Bayer UK

"Before Caroline we guessed at where our business was heading and how we would get there."

Carrie Bedingfield, Onefish Twofish

"Rigorous but flexible project planning and control were important factors to ensuring the delivery of many changes required quickly and efficiently. Caroline was able to share her project management approach with many inexperienced staff to their benefit.

Caroline was able to make the necessary links between governance, accountability and delivery on the ground.

Business planning and devolved budget holding were new innovations and Caroline added her wealth of experience in this area to help devise systems and, just as importantly, support inexperienced managers to take on these new responsibilities.

Caroline's impact was immediate. Weakness in our financial and management information were identified and new systems introduced filling in the information gaps and speeding up the delivery of financial information."

Sarah Sleet, Coeliac UK

"a-count-a-bility" has supported Bayer's process of taking global CSR guidelines and defining an appropriate local policy, leading to the right scale and type of activities that serve to improve our business, and our reputation with our employees and our local stakeholder communities. They have taken a realistic view that has truly sought to match internal aims with external needs, while bringing knowledge and sensitivity to what can often be complex discussions."

Steve Painter, Bayer plc