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Sustainability policy


a-count-a-bility believes businesses need to be sustainable by maximising the benefits derived from resources of all kinds. The benefits may be those appreciated by a-count-a-bility directly or by the wider community and may have a financial or other value placed on them.

In terms of sustainability, a-count-a-bility believes that small things done by many people can make a difference and that it is ok not to achieve 100%.
The policy lays out general principles and areas for consideration. Much of the detailed application of the policy for a-count-a-bility is laid out in the appendix which is available on request. The appendix will be regularly updated as a process of continuous improvement.

This policy relates directly to the business activities of a-count-a-bility. However efforts will be made to promote the principles with personal and business contacts and in the home lives of employees and associates.
Other policies and procedures that operate with a-count-a-bility will reflect this policy.



A home office is considered the norm for a-count-a-bility employees and associates since it:

  • minimises daily commuting
  • allows customisation to the needs of the individual and
  • allows a full range of activities during the week to be more easily balanced to meet changing priorities.

All home office environments are expected to minimise usage of consumable resources and to reuse and recycle wherever possible.


Clients will be encouraged consider the environmental impact of their business but a-count-a-bility will always respect the right of the business owner to have their own views and methods.

When visiting client and business associate premises a-count-a-bility staff and associates will, as far as practicable, seek to apply the same principles as those within their home office environment.


The impact of travel on the environment will be minimised wherever possible whilst acknowledging that:

  • developing client relationships is key to a-count-a-bility's business and therefore face to face meetings can not always be adequately substituted by telephone calls or telephone conferences
  • staff development is key to providing the best service to clients and this will frequently entail travel to a location that cannot be changed.


Employees, clients and business partners

a-count-a-bility embraces the concept of diversity in dealing with all employees, clients and other business partners.
a-count-a-bility will seek to consider the professional and personal needs of its employees, clients and other business partners during all communications.

Local Community

Since a home office is considered the norm the local community is a key part of the infrastructure within which a-count-a-bility operates and resources will therefore be identified to support the community.

Global Community

The UK and in particular the South East is, in general, a prosperous region of the world. a-count-a-bility recognises that others are less fortunate in their environment and the opportunities it affords them. a-count-a-bility will seek to consider the impact of its activities on the global community and ensure resources are identified to allow the practical implications to be affected.



a-count-a-bility is a firm registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is bound by its quality requirements as well as its ethical guidelines.

a-count-a-bility will only work with clients who operate within the law.


a-count-a-bility will generally consider the impact of its purchases on others. This will include the sourcing of the resources and adhering to agreed payment terms.

Wherever possible supplies will be sourced locally. All other supplies will be sourced taking account of the other considerations in this policy and its appendix.

For significant purchases where a range of suppliers are approached for quotes then the sustainability policies of the potential suppliers will be a part of the final purchasing decision.

Any comments on how to improve this policy are welcomed - please let us know