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Forecasting, reporting and measurement

a-count-a-bility will help you plan the reports, and supporting processes, to extract the wealth of information that is hiding in your business. Your gut feel may well be right but you can have much more peace of mind if you know that it is right because you can see the data that supports you.

A business is run to meet the owners' objectives which are likely to include a financial element. Planning is crucial to understanding whether and how this is likely to be achieved - indeed it has been said that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. Understanding performance against the plans is the route to evaluating progress. Once the reporting processes are in place the benefit is maximised by understanding the reports and using the numbers to inform priorities. 

Management reporting is all about allowing you to be proactive not reactive and avoid those nasty surprises. So it should done regularly, preferably once a month, and not several months after the end of the year.The reports should not just be about the cash - a number of other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may be relevant to your business and as your business develops so might the KPIs that need to be tracked but they should help you to maximise the value you get from your resources that might be scarce.

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“Weakness in our financial and management information were identified and new systems introduced filling in the information gaps and speeding up the delivery of financial information.”

“Before Caroline we guessed at where our business was heading and how we would get there.”
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