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Outsourced finance management

a-count-a-bility can become part of your management team, not just an external advisor, and help you to improve profitability and cashflow, free up management time and provide peace of mind that the finances are under control. A second pair of eyes can be reassuring and objectivity when reviewing the business is invaluable.

The role of the Finance Manager (or Finance Director or Financial Controller) is to coordinate all the activities that take place involving your financial transactions. As a finance manager I can, for example, work with your Human Resources and Sales team to help structure bonus schemes that reward cash collection and profitable business not just top line sales. Or perhaps purchases could make better use of discounts or payment terms.

A management team includes a range of experts who have a detailed understanding not only of their function but of how they contribute to achieving the overall aims of the business. We have significant experience of  facilitating commercially sound decision making by providing a link to all areas. You will have a team, inhouse or outsourced, providing bookkeeping, payroll, and VAT, but perhaps their experience could be supplemented by occasional supervision and guidance. Guidance can also be provided on how the finance team is structured.

In addition there are links to external advisors, such as auditors or funders, that might be smoothed by having someone that has financial experience and who can understand both points of view.

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“Caroline was able to make the necessary links between governance, accountability and delivery on the ground.”
Read outsourced financial management case studies