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Business processes

Standardised processes help ensure consistency, prevent errors and help with staff training in time of expansion or for sickness/holiday cover.

Many of the processes operating within a business are routine and predictable and many may not add any direct value to the bottom line. These processes should be systematised in an efficient way as far as possible so that time can be spent on managing the exceptions more effectively. This is also more likely to help identify exceptions which may indicate a failure in the process that can then be identified.

Processes that have operated effectively for years might benefit from a new perspective given the changing business environment, new technology and even the changed nature or size of the business itself.

Once processes in place then effectiveness should be measured – this will involve identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which might include how long a customer visit actually takes, how many attempts have to be made to package a customer order because of missing stock, what are the transaction costs of payment by cheque rather than credit card.

As well as being happy to help with process design, review, documentation and implementation across many functions of your business a-count-a-bility will also be happy to document the processes supporting any routines established in any of its key areas of work.

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