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Being a sustainable business is good for business. It can save you money, it can bring in new customers and it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are 3 main areas for consideration within a sustainable business:

  • economic
  • social
  • environment

Much of this is governed by legislation which can be somewhat daunting but there are increasingly specialised agencies to help navigate the minefields. In addition there are many things that businesses can choose to do such as double sided printing or giving staff time off for voluntary activities. This can help sell your company as a sustainable business (increasingly necessary for getting business with larger organisations including putting in bids for the 2012 Olympics) as well as making good sense through saving costs or retaining staff. One estimate says that recruiting new staff costs 9 times as much as retaining existing staff!

a-count-a-bility aims to operate in a sustainable way and is happy to provide guidance to clients on areas they could consider, or in developing an overall policy. The links below to useful websites may be a helpful starting point.

For both internal and external purposes your business may choose, or be compelled, to report on certain measures relating to sustainability. Appropriate measures could be identified and processes can be designed and potentially included in your normal management reporting routines.

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"a-count-a-bility has supported Bayer's process of taking global CSR guidelines and defining an appropriate local policy, leading to the right scale and type of activities that serve to improve our business, bringing knowledge and sensitivity to what can often be complex discussions."